St. Dominic School Board

The St. Dominic School Board meets at 6:30 PM in the school’s Library Media Center on the 3rd Wednesday of each month except July. The School Board welcomes parents and other interested persons to attend school board meetings. Anyone who would like to speak at a school board meeting must contact the Pastor, Principal or School Board President at least two days in advance of the meeting so that the speaker’s topic can be added to the meeting agenda.

School Board Members

St. Dominic Organizational Chart

Jamie Mattingly, President

Sara Buckman, Vice President

Tina Hilton, Secretary

Fr. Pepper Elliott, Pastor

Pam Breunig, Principal

Charissa Greathouse, Member

Julie Morris, Member

Michelle Mulholland, Member

Annie Roution, Member

Amy Taylor, Member

Nicole Wilson, Member

St. Dominic School Board Committees & Handbook

The School Board encourages parents and others to become involved on its standing committees. Contact any school board member if you would like to volunteer your time with the committee of your choosing.

School Board Committees

Click the button below to view or download the St. Dominic School Board Handbook.

School Board Handbook